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Is it normal to be nervous?
I am scared I am going to cry! If I cry, I will feel stupid.
I do not know what to say to you... will you make me talk?

*First of all, crying is a natural response to an emotional upset of your feelings, usually hurt or sadness. So let those tears flow. I have tissues.

*Normally it is the psychopathic who never, never doubt their own abilities. Feeling stupid is a normal reaction to feeling insecure. Learning is a lifelong marathon; so please allow yourself some grace, focus on your kinds of strength and intelligence. 

*Nope! I will not make you talk. If your words fail you; welcome to being normal. Sometimes people talk better through handwriting or drawing. I also have Story Cubes to assist you in telling your story, your way. Some people just want to feel safe first so if sitting in my office playing with Story Cubes helps, Great!

*No Ugh! I am only here to listen to you. Talking is safe. 

What is talk - therapy? What are the techniques I have heard people say psychotherapist use with clients? Why does it matter?

"Talk Therapy" is an alternative name for the many forms of psychotherapy where the client talks with their therapist as a way to work through emotional and behavioral unrest. A "technique" or "modality" of therapy is the chosen method therapist use to assist the client in understanding the unrest they are experiencing. These methods are important because some are evidence-based practices (think of testing something to make sure it works) and some are not. From Freudian Psychoanalysis to more recently popular EMDR, all are important and all have their place in the psychotherapy profession.

What do I wear? Can I bring snacks? Do I have to lay on a couch or can I sit on the floor?

* You can wear whatever you like but just please do. 

* Yes, you may bring snacks and I will also have crackers, coffee, hot tea, and water. 

* I do have a couch. I also have a couple of chairs. I also have floor space. Wherever you are comfortable is where you are comfortable; but by all means, be still so you can learn how to move forward. 

How long does each therapy session take?
Once I start therapy, how long do I have to keep coming?

* The general rule of thumb is that a session will last 55 to 60 minutes. This is the time allotment that insurances reimburse for.
* Safe Answer: usually, the number of sessions per the calendar year is outlined in your insurance plan. Please check with your insurance carrier for the number of sessions allowed. 
Best Answer: Once you know the magic number from the Safe Answer above (assuming you are using your insurance benefits) you can attend when and if you want to. Therapy is a private decision between you and yourself. Some people only attend a couple of sessions while others embrace the process and use their vulnerability felt in session as a new place to grow from.

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