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Be Intentional

New Patient Forms

I will email you a link to new patient forms after we have a brief conversation over the phone. The link to these forms will come from SignNow where, once all forms are completed, we both receive a complete copy of the set. There is no need to print them and bring a set with you to your first meeting.

It is required for you to fill in all other forms before we meet. If this isn't done, we will need to reschedule your first session.  

FYI: You will not see a credit card authorization in these forms. That is because I use IvyPay for credit card form payments (CC, Debit, HSA). We will discuss this in more detail in the session, and you can Google for more information.

If there is a problem with the treatment, billings or anything else about my practice, please let me know, either in person or in writing.

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